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Ishaara Khanna is a self-made woman who lives life on her terms. Her dream is to be the author of her own success story. If it was one thing her troubled past had taught her, it was to work hard towards her goals whatever maybe the case while keeping her emotions in check. But things go for a toss when her path crosses with a new client, the dynamic businessman, Aviral Gupta, the one man she had vowed never to meet, the very man who had destroyed her life as she knew it. His tortured life has taught Aviral Gupta to be ruthless and unforgiving. He is a hunter – a man who bows to no one – a man who always conquers – by hook or by crook. However, he meets his match in Ishaara Khanna. She is frosty yet her eyes make his blood go warm. Not the one to back down from a challenge, Aviral chases Ishaara and proposes a fling – Something fleeting and practical – Something to enjoy for as long as it lasts. But when their pasts collide in the worst possible way, the tables are turned. Will Ishaara be able to maintain a balance between her past, present and future? Will Aviral be able to penetrate her defences and in the process, perhaps, get more than what he had bargained for?


The Answer To My Prayers

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