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Written a book but don't know what to do next?

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From developmental editing to proofreading, from typesetting to printing--we will hold your hand throughout the process.


If you have a masterpiece that no publisher has time to look at, come share your original creation with us.



Book designing is the art of incorporating the content, style, format, design, and sequence of the various components and elements of a book into one coherent unit. Now that you have done the hard work and created an amazing book, edited it, the next step in the publishing process is book designing.


Book designing involves taking the various elements of a book — the words, pages, cover, spine, and turning it into a beautiful book that appeals to readers. A book needs to stand out for all the right reasons.


Your book should be the reflection of your thoughts and we will help you ensure, that your work stands out by creating a book and cover design that will make a statement of its own.


Our on-demand printing services, make it convenient and affordable for you to reach out to all your readers without the worry and hassle of printing more copies than you want and storing them. Leave it all to our professionals to fulfill the dream of holding your very own printed copy in your hands.


We provide affordable and reliable custom book printing services. Our very helpful customer service will ensure all your printing needs are fulfilled.


Professional editing is absolutely indispensable if you want to reach out to your readers. It is entirely understandable that an author can lose track of many small details over the course of writing a book.

Editing addresses grammar, usage and consistency concerns. Editing can also involve recasting sentences for clarity and flow and moving sentences around so that the reader understands what ‘you’ intend to say.

That said, our editing always aims to preserve the author’s voice, first and foremost. If you see yourself as aspiring to have a career as a writer, then getting your book professionally edited is a must.

We offer several levels of book editing services to fit different budgets and different objectives.

Developmental Editing

A developmental edit happens early in the writing process, often when an author has an idea for a book, a rough outline or a first draft.

It covers everything in the developmental process, the plot, the characters, the descriptions and the dialogues. It can be done at different stages of a manuscript and thus the focus shifts depending upon the need of the Author.

Copy Editing

This is where the editor fixes the technical issues of grammar, structure, and spelling and word usage, as well as a note of style and structure. A copy edit is most often used when the development of the manuscript is complete and it is now time to perfect the language and eliminate all the grammatical errors.

Line Editing

Each sentence is looked at closely to make certain each word communicates your intent to your reader. This type of editing examines the dialogues, charcaterisations, pace, voice and plot of your novel.


Proofreading does a quick look over the manuscript for any issues in format (punctuation, capitalisation, etc.), errors in grammar, and for any misspellings or issues with word usage.

Substantive Editing

This is a comprehensive edit of your manuscript that focuses on punctuation, grammar and spelling, the flow of the manuscript, and the overall style and structure. It is a very involved evaluation where the editor brings light to any confusing plot points, point of view, characterisations and overall structure. Substantive edits are focused on the writing itself, helping the author fine-tune their work.


Publishing with us means – an alliance. We believe in partnering with our authors to reach identical goals and dreams. We have no conventional ways of doing things, however, we believe in teamwork, where each stage of the publishing process is developed and decided together. Our interest in each book lasts throughout the life of the book.

You, the author, deserve an engaged and positive editorial and publishing experience and that’s what we try and provide. If you are an author who wants a personalised, customised, flexible and pleasurable experience, Aarahan Publishers is the publisher for you.


•  Book Review

•  Developmental Editing

•  Substantive Editing (minimum 3 rounds)

•  Copy Editing

•  Proofreading (minimum 3 rounds)

•  Typesetting & Formatting

•  Book and Cover Design

•  Allotment of ISBN

•  eBook Conversion

•  eBook and Paperback Distribution on Amazon

•  Social Media Marketing on our Website, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts


Reach a larger book audience by getting your book published as an e-book. E-books are a quick and easy way for anyone with ambitions of becoming a self-published author to get their work out into the world.

Create an e-book version of your printed book. Preserve your content and distribute and sell it in an e-book version on Amazon – the largest book platform in the world – with our guidance.

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