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For a new author finding a good publisher is a difficult task. If you have the talent all you have to do is knock on our door. We will assist you in every way possible to get your book out there and provide you the opportunity to have your say, making your dream of getting published a reality.

We are a small publishing house which will mean a more personalised, customised and rewarding author-publisher relationship. We will take as much care of your book as you would and once we accept your book we are completely committed to it.


In today’s world, fierce competition among publishers lead them to focus only on big author names and bestsellers. At Aarahan Publishers we give wings to new writing talents, aid them during their writing journey and give their work a platform to reach a global audience.  We follow a professional approach towards our work. If you have poured your heart out writing your masterpiece that no publisher has time to look at, come share your original creation with us and together we will make the world listen to you.

Most debut authors are disappointed and demotivated with the way they are treated by publishers and agents, even service suppliers. At Aarahan Publishers we sincerely care about our work and each and every project we take on. We want to grow and succeed with our authors. We are therefore completely dedicated to our authors, and their content as we totally immerse ourselves in each book that we publish.

Aarahan Publishers, based out of Pune, is on the lookout for aspiring authors. We offer a forum for you to express yourself and be heard. If you have a quality product we will make sure you get the right guidance to get it published. Aarahan Publishers would love to work with gifted writers and make their work reach thousands of readers.

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