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"Two people so different yet so alike. The one thing that unites them is obsession."


'Consumed By Obsession’ is the story of a grieving widower, Raj, who is convinced his wife's grisly death is not an accident. Raj becomes obsessed with Shruti, an alcoholic, and a stranger, he holds responsible for his wife’s death.


With vengeance on his mind Raj seeks out the woman, and trespasses into her life, his soul trapped in bitterness, his mission only one – to make her pay for snatching from him the only woman he has ever loved. The woman he is out to destroy, burdened by betrayal, has chosen the path to destruction of her own making.


Shruti spends her days and nights drowning herself in alcohol to fight her personal demons, dulling her senses, unconscious of the lives she has wrecked. She drinks to escape her tortured past. Mangled and tormented by those closest to her, she is now harassed by a man she has never seen or known, her only friends, alcohol, and a police officer.


The novel is a story of two broken souls who cross paths only because they look to fill the voids in their hearts – two beings inextricably linked by the only constants in their life – tragedy, loss, unconscionable guilt, and their obsessions.

Consumed By Obsession by Sunira S.

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