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Writing for Joy: Embracing Your Passion, Regardless of the Opinions of Others

Not everyone is going to love your story.

Not everyone is going to fall in love with your writing style, your perspective, your words, and your characters.

You write nonetheless because you love writing and weaving stories and creating characters that speak your language.

Writing is not easy, but what is tougher is being vulnerable. Readers are going to judge and make comments or not — you may end up not being read at all.

There’s always risk in whatever you do in life and writing is no different.

Remember, you are a writer, not a people-pleaser.

Keep going!

Remember if you find joy in writing, your reader will read that joy in your words.

Do everything you do for the sheer joy of it and the rest will follow.

Write if you find it enjoyable.

Write if it’s cathartic for you.

Write if it’s therapeutic for you.

To get published, win accolades, become a bestselling author, and earn money is not the goal of every writer.

Most write because it brings them joy.

If it makes you happy write away.

Cast aside the need for universal approval and embrace the sheer joy that writing brings to our souls.

Embark on this liberating journey knowing that every writer must come to terms with

not everyone will love your story. It’s a hard pill to swallow, I know.

Not every reader will fall head over heels for your writing style, your perspective, your carefully chosen words, or the characters you’ve breathed life into. But guess what? That’s perfectly okay.

Why? Because you write for yourself. You write because your heart yearns to weave tales and create characters that resonate with your very being. Writing is an extension of your soul, a way to express the stories that speak your unique language. It’s a courageous act of vulnerability that exposes your innermost thoughts and emotions to the world.

Sure, it’s not always easy. Being vulnerable is tough. Opening yourself up to judgement and criticism from readers can feel like navigating a treacherous path. You might pour your heart into your work, only to be met with silence or indifference.

But here’s the thing: writing, like life itself, carries risks. And without taking risks, we limit our potential for growth and self-discovery.

Repeat after me: I am a writer, not a people-pleaser. Let those words sink in. Your words hold power, and they deserve to be shared, regardless of how they are received. Your stories are an extension of your soul, and they deserve to be told, whether they resonate with a few or with the masses.

So keep going! Keep writing with unbridled passion and unwavering dedication. Remember, not every venture in life is about accolades, bestseller lists, or financial gains. Writing is an art form that brings joy, and that joy is worth pursuing in itself.

Discover the sheer delight of putting pen to paper or fingers to keyboard. Find

joy in the dance of ideas and the symphony of words that flow from your imagination. Allow the catharsis of writing to heal your spirit and the therapeutic nature of it to bring you solace.

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