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What is a Manuscript Critique and does your book need it?

A manuscript critique is a in-depth evaluation of your manuscript.

One of the biggest, scariest mistakes a writer can make is getting into the beginning stages of revision without any outside feedback.

A manuscript critique looks into:

1. Character Development

2. Point of View

3. Perspective

4. Character Voice

5. Plot Structure

6. Overall Theme

7. Overall Consistency

8. Overall Weaknesses Within the Story

9. Theme

10. Pace

11. Narrative

12. Audience

13. Transitions

A manuscript critique doesn't look into:

1. Grammar

2. Misspelled Words

3. Awkward Phrasing

4. Repetition

5. Inconsistent Dialogue

The critique takes the form of an in-depth letter.

For those authors who are working on a budget, going in for developmental editing can get rather expensive and extensive, and sometimes a manuscript may not need it.

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