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Writing and Publishing your book is a heady experience. Today I want to talk about a crucial decision point: picking your publisher.

Many budding authors, eager to see their creations in print, rush into partnerships without exploring the fine print. Excitement can blur the lines between dreams and reality.

As your book takes off, questions pop up, questions only your publisher can and should answer.

Here's the scoop: Do your homework before you commit. Make sure your publisher matches your values and is open about how things work.

Here are some questions to ask before you sign on the dotted line:

1. Why Should I Choose You as My Publisher?

2. What Is Your Process of Publishing? Can you outline the steps involved from manuscript submission to book release?

3. How involved will I be in the editing and design process?

4. Will my manuscript undergo professional editing and proofreading? If so, how many rounds? Can I choose an editor or provide input on the editing process?

5. Can you explain the difference between traditional publishing, hybrid publishing, and vanity publishing?

6. Will I be expected to cover any upfront costs or invest in the production of the book?

7. What are the costs involved in publishing? What expenses will I be responsible for, and what will the publisher cover?

8. How do you plan to market and promote my book? Will you provide assistance with social media promotion, etc.?

9. What rights will I retain over my work, such as copyright and future adaptations?

10. Will I have a say in decisions about pricing and distribution?

11. Can you provide examples of authors you've worked with you?

12. What happens if my book doesn't sell well?

13. What Is the duration of the Publishing Agreement?

14. Can you provide a clear breakdown of how royalties are calculated and paid?

15. How often will I receive sales reports and royalty payments?

16. What factors about my manuscript or writing style make it a good fit for your publishing company?

Remember, asking these questions will not only help you, the aspiring author, make an informed decision about a potential publisher but also establish a professional and transparent relationship.


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