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Well, we are all glad that there are many different types of books out there for all types of people who have different backgrounds, personalities and perspectives.

We are also glad there are different types of writers who write different genres which means there's something for everyone.

No reader is the same and each wants to read something different.

Variety as they say is fun.

However, it is vital to explore different genres which in turn will widen one's perspectives and expand horizons.

Reading a variety of books will help one find an appreciation for diverse literature.

Readers shouldn’t underestimate the importance of reading different types of books in a variety of genres.

Reading is not only entertaining and fun — an escape from reality, it’s also an opportunity to learn and grow.

Stepping outside of the comfort zone, will help you introspect, make new discoveries, provide you encouragement, inspiration and motivation.

And as Lemony Snicket says,

"Finding happiness in the smallest of things will help us keep our eyes on the horizon for better days ahead.

Keep reading, keep learning, keep searching."

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